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Know where you stand

Rationalized electrical energy consumption in lighting equipment is an important reserve for saving energy resources

During lighting audit, we carry out the following steps:

  1. Measurement of illumination, flickeringĀ and other lighting parameters;
  2. Analysis and evaluation of the lighting system (for each premise);
  3. Drawing conclusions and making recommendations regarding the rational use of the lighting system;
  4. Making suggestions regarding system modernization as a result of energy audit;

Efficiency and Effectiveness

We offer full-scale development of design and detailed design documentation for indoor and outdoor lighting projects of various complexity and typology.

At the design stage, we offer the following services

  1. Project cost optimization
  2. Pre-design surveying of the existing infrastructure
  3. Design documentation audit, lighting audit;

From start to finish

Providing the perfect lighting solution is complex and can sometimes be a daunting endeavour. This is why you can benefit from the experience of our dedicated team of professionals. From lighting studies, installation supervision and maintenance, they will guide you through the total life cycle of your most demanding setup

From Inside Out

Whatever the scale of the project, our dedicated team of professionals have the technical expertise needed to evaluate and offered cost effective solar options that serve your energy need.

We offer site surveys, solution design, installation and after sales services