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Prime cookstoves are top-lit updraft (TLUD) gasifier stove, improved by several patented features such as pre-heating, counter-flow and co-firing burning mechanism. Our stoves are made from stainless steel and galvanized iron plat with heat-proof powder coating. Prime cookstoves have a proven field lifetime of more than two years, backed by a 1 year warranty.

We have two models;

  1. Prime square fuelwood cookstove optimized for burning bulky biomass fuels such as fuelwood, branches and dried corns cobs. This model is popular in rural areas where fuelwood is common
  2. Prime square granular cookstove which is our cleanest cookstove. When used with wood pellets, it produces a smoke-less flame. This model is common in urban areas where customers are used to purchasing fuels for cooking.

All prime cookstoves are portable and can be used both indoors are outdoors. They come in sizes, regular (household of 4-6 people) and large (households of 6-8 people). The burning chamber is easily replaced. This increases fuel flexibility for users.

Benefits of using Prime cookstoves

  • Saving forests from reducing firewood consumption by up to 60%
  • Improving health by reducing harmful emissions of particulate matter and carbon monoxide by more than 75%
  • Reducing climate emissions through significantly lower emissions of black carbon and co2
  • Improving livelihoods by significantly reducing expenditure on fuels and/or time for fuel collection

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We manufacture, supply and install institutional stoves. Our energy efficient institutional stove delivers significant reduction in fuel expenditure, due to its 50% and above thermal efficiency. LAR institutional stove eliminates indoor air pollution with its integrated chimney that routes all emission outside.

They are durable with 5-year warranty (except replaceable parts) and cost effective. During installation, we also offer product and safety training on site for the end user to give our customer ready to use solution.