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LED bulbs are compatible with existing fixtures with an E27 or B22 holder and are designed for retrofit replacement of incandescent bulbs. They deliver huge energy savings and minimize maintenance cost.





  • Easy retrofit with existing E27 and B22 holders for different wattages
  • Perfect fit and high quality finishing
  • High colour rendering (CRI> 80)
  • Free of mercury and hazardous materials
  • Lifetime of ≥15,000 hours
  • Environmentally friendly: contains no mercury or other hazardous substances
  • Instant full light on immediately upon switching on


  • Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, museums, shops
  • Hotel rooms, lobbies, corridors, stairwells, washrooms, reception areas , exhibitions, display cabinets

Product Catalogues

LED Bulbs general

CorePro LED bulb 7.5W

CorePro LED bulb 10.5W

CorePro LED bulb 13.5W

LED spots are compatible with most existing fixtures with a GU10 holder and designed as a retrofit replacement for halogen or incandescent spots while delivering huge energy saving. The dimmable versions drive further efficiencies, while helping to create the desired atmosphere.


  • Compatible with an extensive range of dimmers
  • Lifetime of 25,000 to 45,000 hours
  • Clearly defined beam spread
  • UV- and IR-free light for less heat and protection for heat-sensitive objects


  • Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés
  • Lobbies, corridors, stairwells, washrooms, reception areas

Product Catalogue

LED spot






LED tube is an environmentally friendly solution that is suitable for replacing T8 fluorescent lamps providing instant energy savings and quality light for use in general lighting applications.


  • Affordable LED replacement for T8 fluorescent lamps (2ft, 4ft & 5ft)
  • Energy consumption less than half that of normal fluorescent lamps
  • ≥25,000 hours lifetime, double that of normal fluorescent lamps
  • No mercury; glass-free tube – no breakage concerns


  • Industry, warehouses, public places, schools, hospitals, car parks
  • Retail, offices

Product Catalogues

2ft LED tube 9W

4ft LED tube 18W

5ft LED tube 25W